Pearie Lacy Bruder

Profile Updated: January 23, 2009
Residing In: las cruces, NM USA
Spouse/Partner: Ronnie Bruder
Occupation: Billing Office Manager-Ben Archer Health Center
Children: Veronica Morgan 7 years 7/04/2001

Michael Robert 3 3/4 years 11/16/2007

Max Tobin More…1 year 6/21/2007
Yes! Attending Reunion

I've been married for 14 years. Had a very demanding Hospital Administration career and decided life is too short to say you should've worked more. So my best friend, my husband, supported the idea you can always get more money but never more time and agreed to come home if opportunities arose. They did, and we've been home for 2 years now, after living in Philadelphia for 12 years and HOBBS for two. I love being home. Family is all you have and Las Cruces is a gorgous place to live.

School Story:

There are too many!! I loved every minute of high school, the learning, the partying, the party planning, the boys, the girls...Randal's, Adolph's. (Yes Michelle V, Audrey, Carol, and I, thought it was a guys house!! Shady grove, Juarez, Popcorns. Midnight movie Rocky Horror picture show... Metallica/Depeche .. Mr. Gaines, Mr. Leopold, Dubious Mr. Woffard, Manning, Hutchison/Biology, Hutchens/SS, Grahams athletic classes. We had great teachers and a great education...when we were there. Mr Romero saying, at graduation rehearsal, that he'd never been embarrassed until he had to send April M home. It's not about what you did or didn't do, who you were, etc. It's what kind of person did those experiences make you? Better? Hopefully. Everyone has their would have done it different ideas, but they make you who you are and/or who you will be. I can't wait to see everyone!!

Nostalgia is good. Remember the good, don't dwell on the bad.

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Pearie Lacy Bruder has a birthday today.
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Pearie Lacy Bruder has a birthday today.
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Pearie Lacy Bruder has a birthday today.
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Pearie Lacy Bruder has a birthday today.
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Summer 08 Hilton Head
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